1. 200g of self raising flour
  2. 5tsp sugar
  3. 6 tsp Margarine
  4. 1 Egg
  5. 1/2 cup Milk
  6. Any dry spice you love in your mandazis or cake


  1. Add the margarine to flour and rub with fingers.
  2. Ensure mixture is well mixed to have soft fluffy end product.
  3. Add 1 egg and Mix evenly. Knead everything up properly, we have not added any liquid you can add little milk if dough is too dry.
  4. Cover in film and allow to sit for 10 mins. (I put mine in the oven)
  5. Flatten to roll, you will notice the dough isn’t elastic.
  6. Shape using a cup or any circular tool you have.
  7. Put your oil in fire and let it heat up. I t shouldn’t be too hot as the mandazi cakes will burn.
  8. Drop them carefully into hot oil. Oil will turn out bubbly due to egg in the dough also because the cakes/Mandazis are so light, soft and crumbly.
  9. Cook till they turn into a nice golden brown color.
  10. Remove from oil and pat excess oil on paper towel.
  11. Let them cool abit.

Serve with beverage of choice. 


6 thoughts on “MANDAZI CAKES

  1. Up there in the dry ingredients, you forgot to tell people to add the sugar and any other ingredients they like.. I almost skipped adding sugar till I realized I had not used it almost at the end of making the dough. The recipe is good


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