Bacon-Minced Meat Pizza


  1. 200g Bacon
  2. 1 can sweet corn
  3. Mozzarella cheese
  4. Minced meat
  5. 2 Onions
  6. 2 tomatoes
  7. Tomato paste


  1. First fry the minced meat with your onion till done and spice it up with your favourite spices. I used Spanish paprika, Salt and curry powder.
  2. Next fry your bacon on a pan till done on both sides and set aside.
  3. Next prepare the sauce for the base. Finely chop your Onions and tomatoes. Fry the tomatoes in the onions till they are fully crushed. Next add the tomato paste and some warm water to make a thick sauce. Spice it up and set aside to cool when ready.
  4. Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees celsius.
  5. Now take you pizza dough. (You can get the recipe here) and apply the tomato sauce.
  6. Next spread some cheese slices to your liking. Top the cheese with the minced meat then the sweet corn.
  7. Finish it up with another generous layer of Cheese and put it in your oven. Let it cook for around 30 minutes or until the dough is done and the cheese is melted.

NB: You can use any kind of toppings you like: Vegetables, chicken, pork e.t.c

Slice it and enjoy hot!!!!


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